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Why choose BigPayz

BigPayz is 24x7 automation deposit/withdrawal system,

which reduce human workload and erros.

High-efficiency instant response

  • Instant response and process for any issue.
  • 24 working hours customer service & finance team.

User management & BO functions

  • Management of master and sub account with different right features for employees.
  • Withdrawal & deposit instant transaction and export functions.
  • All fund transaction will be presented in the back office.

Real time payment processing

  • Reduce customers' waiting time.
  • Increase customers' satisfaction.
  • Real-time T-0 settlement.

One stop solutions provider

  • Deposits.
  • 3rd party transfer.
  • Withdrawals.
  • Foreign currencies exchange.

Guarantee Compensation

  • Service provider guarantee compensate loss up to (MYR100,000, INR1,000,000, THB 1M), if the fund is being frozen/missing from the receiving bank accounts.
  • Term and conditions apply.

Asia one stop

payment solution

Our coverage of Asia allows you to accept payment from billons of customers in the world's biggest and fastest growing online markets.


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