White Label Checkout

Fully responsive payment page which can be customized as per your brand & identity or can be configured as per your merchant's identity.

Responsive Page

Support for multiple languages

Customize to reflect Partner/ Merchant identity



Theme Color

Easy Integration Kits

Our ready to use integration kits will allow merchants to integrate instantly. We provide full technical support to get you live!

  • Multiple Integration Operations with Sample Code
  • Standard Integration
  • REST API Integration
  • Mobile SDKs for both Android and iOS
  • Supports Multiple Technologies
  • JAVA,JSP,PHP,Curl,Python,Ruby and many more
  • Our APIs to support multiple formats
  • Form based, XML based, JSON based APIs


Move Money Across Asia

BIGPAYZ is affiliated with licensed Money Services Operators and Physical Casinos to enable cash and currency swap remittance instruments.

Working with our partners enables merchants to move funds across the world via bank (electronic funds transfer) and cash payouts via licensed physical casino network.


Low Rates and VIP Service

Bank & Cash

Varied Payout Options

Malaysia, Thailand, India

Same Day Remittance Solutions